Time Out: Football at Crest

All work and … you know how that goes! At Crest, work and play go hand in hand, or should we say foot to foot? The official Crest football team was launched four years back — a fun way, we thought, to keep our team members engaged, fit and healthy.

But then, while football is fun, it’s also undeniably serious business. Post-work practice sessions four times a week, professional coaching, local tournaments — our enthusiastic team does it all. And, every July, during the Springer Nature Cup in Berlin, our competitive spirit reaches its peak. The international tournament, open to employees across the board (from Japan to USA and Germany to India), is a great way to meet co-workers in a competitive yet friendly setting. Last year, for the Springer Nature Cup 2015, the eight-member Crest team had, for the first and definitely not the last time, two women on board.

We came back home, all set to train for the next year. As our team grows, it’s easy to see how we all always put our best foot forward, both on and off the field.

football 1

football 2

football 4

football 3

football 5


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