Research that means business

No man is an island, and neither is a business. Knowing your customer is as important as knowing the competition, while keeping abreast of all the technology and market innovations changing the world around you every day. Research is essential for not just the content, but the business of publishing. Yet, when times are tough, it is one of the first processes that gets downsized. Get the edge of an experienced market intelligence team, that’s scalable, efficient and customised for your requirement.

With specifically trained multidisciplinary subject matter experts at the helm, Crest’s Market Intelligence Services can help you answer critical business questions with focused reports and in-depth analysis. We can help your Sales and Marketing team package the right content for the right audience based on:

  • Corporate profiling: product portfolios, areas of investments and research spend
  • Institutional profiling: academic institutes and universities sponsorships, key influencers, chairs of different departments and research spend
  • Industry profiling: revenue size, production and consumption, total market sizing, past and future trends, key players in the market and research spend
  • Download / Denial data analysis: assessing user preferences

Whether you’re looking to expand in a new geography or market segment, we can start you off with result-oriented research.