Manuscript screening
Helping editors choose from the best

Our team of subject matter experts and language editing professionals work together to sift through manuscripts to find those that merit an editor’s attention. With a three-pronged screening approach, we scrutinise every manuscript for plagiarism, language (grammar and syntax) and academic merit vis-à-vis established editorial policies. The resulting pre-classification of manuscripts into reject, review and approve groups, helps your editorial team identify potential manuscripts faster while avoiding the risk of publishing plagiarised or subpar content.

Peer Review Search
Find unbiased and qualified reviewers

Peer reviews are an integral element of the reception any scholarly content gets. Finding unbiased and highly qualified reviewers in relevant subjects isn’t easy in today’s constantly evolving and highly competitive academic and research industry. With access to up-to-date university databases, we read manuscripts, identify its core subject and identify multiple suitable peer reviewers, so you have an available pool to reach out to.

Journal Cascading
Why trash when you can transfer

How do you choose the right journal for an article? Often good manuscripts land up in the recycle bin only because they are submitted to an unsuitable journal. Crest’s journal cascading service reviews out-of-scope manuscripts, rerouting those with potential to journals that are better suited to the subject. Subscribe to our Transfer Desk, and benefit from an untapped source of screened manuscripts.