Documentum Email Notifications

Documentum is an enterprise content management platform providing services to manage all types of content such as document, audio, video, etc. Email notifications play a major role in any application. Documentum provides in-built features to send email notifications. Below are some of the key points to configure email notifications for your applications.

1) Documentum Events

Most Documentum email notifications are triggered by events in the repository and correspond to tasks and messages that get queued to a user’s Documentum Inbox. All out-of-the-box Documentum email notifications originate from one of the three sources:

  • Jobs (Events like Job_Failure, Agent_Exec_Failure)
  • Registered Events (Events listed in dmi_registry table)
  • Workflow Tasks (All workflow and router events)

Following events can be considered for notifications:

Event Name Description
//General repository events:
dm_checkin Document checked in
dm_checkout Document checked out
dm_destroy Document destroyed/deleted
dm_fetch Document fetched/retrieved by particular user session
dm_lock Document locked
dm_unlock Document unlocked
dm_branch Added new branch to the version tree of the document
dm_prune Removed a branch from the version tree
dm_mark Mark the object
dm_save Save the object
dm_status Change the status of document
dm_link Link the document to new folder location
dm_unlink Unlink the document from folder location
dm_archive Document archive operation requested
dm_archive_done Document archive operation performed
dm_restore Restoration requested for object
dm_restore_done Restoration done for object
dm_getfile Document read operation
//Special events:
Job_Failure Job failed to execute
Agent_Exec_Failure agent_exe_method failed to execute
DM_SYSADMIN Posted event in docbase
//Router events:
dm_end Terminated the operation
dm_halt Halted the operation
//Workflow and router events:
dm_acquire Acquired the object in workflow task
dm_force Forced task to READY state
dm_forward Forwarded object in a workflow task
dm_reassign Reassigned workflow task to new performer
dm_route Routed the object
dm_signoff Signed task
dm_reverse Rejected the object
dm_pause Paused task
dm_resume Resumed task
dm_startedworkitem New workitem started for a workflow instance
dm_selectedworkitem User selected/acquired particular workitem for processing
dm_completedworkitem User completed workitem
dm_pseudocompletedworkitem Server completed workitem
dm_reassignedworkitem User reassigned workitem
dm_delegatedworkitem User delegated workitem
dm_createworkflow Created workflow instance
dm_startworkflow Started workflow instance
dm_terminateworkflow Terminated workflow instance
dm_abortworkflow Aborted workflow instance
dm_changestateworkflow Changed workflow state
dm_changeworkflowsupervisor Changed workflow supervisor
dm_abortactivity Aborted workflow activity
dm_autotransactivity Selected route case for workflow autoactivity
dm_changestateactivity Change activity state
dm_changestateprocess Changed process state
2) SMTP Account for Sending Emails

By default, Documentum uses SMTP to send email notifications. For email notifications to work properly, the Content Server’s installation owner (dmadmin) should have a user account with the SMTP server. This is the account specified in the user_address attribute of the dm_user object that has the same user_name as the OS account that installed the Documentum server software.

The installation owner’s account will appear in the “From” field of emails sent from the Content Server. In other words, Documentum email notifications will appear to have been sent from the installation owner.If you have configured SMTP server while installing Content Server, the value appears in attribute dm_server_config.smtp_server.

Note: This value can be used only in Windows-based systems.

3) UNIX Platform

Below flow chart explains how email notification works on UNIX based systems and where to look for email related methods.

File Name Path on Content Server Type
dm_html_sender.ebs /Documentum/product/6.7/bin ebs Script
dm_event_sender.ebs /Documentum/product/6.7/bin ebs Script /Documentum/product/6.7/bin Shell Script
mail /Documentum/product/6.7/install/external_apps Docbasic Method
smail /Documentum/product/6.7/install/external_apps Docbasic Method

For UNIX env a shell script command “”(Documentum/product/6.7/bin) will be executed for sending mails.

By default, notifications will be sent to owners/superusers, or in case of workflows, group of performers.
Now, if you don’t want to send notifications to workflow performers but to specific mail group, you can customize the
/bin/mail -s "$subject" "address" < $content_file
Here in place of address you can put your common group id
/bin/mail -s "$subject" "" < $content_file

4) Disable Email Notifications

Turn off all email notifications
If you want to turn off notifications globally for all events, you need to update your content serverserver.ini file at path "$DOCUMENTUM\dba\config\documentum\server.ini" with valuemail_notification = F

Turn off notifications for some users only
Update dm_user object and remove the attribute value set for user_address for a user you don't want to send email notification to.
Update dm_user OBJECT set user_address = '' where user_name='$user_name$';

Turn off notifications for some events only
Update the dm_event_sender.ebs script and do “exit sub” for the events you don't want to send email notifications.
e.g. Stop mail alerts for dm_startedworkitem event
Case "dm_startedworkitem"
exit sub
object_info_flag = "false"
task_event_flag = "false"
router_event_flag = "false"
subject_line = "Started workitem: " & CleanQuote(package_id) & " in docbase " & CleanQuote(docbase_name)

5) Useful Queries

Changing SMTP server configuration
Select smtp_server from dm_server_config;

Update dm_server_config OBJECT set smtp_server = ''

To get the method name used for email notifications
Select method_verb from dm_method where object_name='mail'

To get email address set for any user
Select user_address from dm_user where user_name='$user_name$';

To change event sender method
Update dm_method OBJECTS SET method_verb = ".dmbasic.exe -f.dm_html_sender.ebs -eMail" WHERE object_name = 'dm_event_sender'

6) References

EMC release notes for: Email_Notification_Troubleshooting_Guide.pdf


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