Preparing for an Interview

Before the interview
  • Go through our website, learn as much as you can about our business areas and our culture
  • Practice. There are many practice interview questions available online
On the Day
  • Allow plenty of time to travel to your interview and plan your route the evening before. Arriving too early or late is an unfortunate way to start your interview
  • Contact your recruiter to understand the rules of entry into the company premises
  • Watch your body language — posture, handshake, eye contact and smile
  • Make sure your mobile phone is switched off
  • Structure your thoughts, have confidence and be honest. Think about each question carefully before responding and answer as best you can
  • Be yourself and don’t be too nervous — your interviewer is only human. Demonstrate your interest by having some questions for us. This is your chance to learn more about our business and culture
  • Answer the question asked rather than the one that you have practiced