What to expect in an interview

Interviewing with Crest is a two way process. We try to determine whether Crest is the right fit for you, and you meet our people and learn more about what we do to make the right career choice.

Come prepared to discuss your experience in a detailed way, focusing on your specific role and describing the key actions that were critical to success

We want to see a candidate prepared to explain how their skills and experience will benefit our company. Most importantly, be excited about your career ambitions! We love enthusiasm.

Interview & Selection Process

While Crest’s application and interview process varies according to the business you apply to, there are typically three elements to our assessment process. Each step acts as a qualifier for the next.

Initial Screening
  • A recruiter/technical panel will screen your resume and if your credentials match with our requirement, we will contact you for further details such as professional background, location preference, notice period and salary expectations. An introduction to the company is also provided at this stage
  • You will need to undergo a technical test which includes case-solving exercises. This is an opportunity to acquaint yourself with the type of challenges an employee often encounters in daily work

If you apply for a position within our Research and Analysis division, you will need to undergo a language test in addition to the Technical test.

You’ll do this before your interview and we’ll use it as part of the evaluation process

Technical Interviews
  • Upon clearing the tests, you will have face-to-face/ Skype interviews with Business Managers/ Clients and HR & Recruitment
  • The first round is a telephonic/personal interview with the business managers which will assess your technical capabilities based on the skills listed on your resume and the technologies in use at Crest
  • On passing the first round, the second round is a Skype Interview with a Client to determine your suitability for a particular group within the division you have applied to
HR Interview
  • In the HR Interview we try to understand your career goals, skills, strengths and passion. We explain the company policies, salary details and pre- joining formalities
  • If you are successful, an offer is rolled out along with compensation structure and other rules related to employment