Giving back to society

Crest does its best to be a responsible company. We work with select non-profit organisations in Pune and beyond, that are committed to improving the lives of the underprivileged.

Bhatkya Vimukt Jati Shikshan Sanstha (BVJSS):For the last 25 years, BVJSS has been changing the lives of thousands of homeless and orphaned children at its centre in Mundhwa, near Pune. Currently home to over 200 children, BVJSS meets their educational, medical, nutritional and clothing needs in a secure environment till they reach the age of 16. The Crest team makes regular donations to BVJSS, helping them sustain their efforts in securing a brighter future for hundreds of children.

Door Step School: An NGO that provides education to children of migrant labour, Doorstep expanded to Pune from Mumbai in 1992. The mobile school has served over 50,000 children over the years, giving a generation renewed hope. Crest has sponsored their School on Wheels bus and continues to fund initiatives like the Quest Science Box (a portable science lab) and the Balwadi kit (an integrative learning framework for pre-primary students). In addition, many of our interns from Springer volunteer at Door Step during their stint in India.

Maher: For almost twenty years, Maher has been a beacon of hope for destitute women, children and men in Maharashtra, Kerala and Jharkhand. Today it runs 38 homes for the needy and neglected, and undertakes initiatives for their education, vocational development and overall wellbeing. Crest has helped enhance its facilities, specifically by funding infrastructural improvements for clean water.

Manavya: Since 1997, Manavya has worked tirelessly to improve the lives of HIV-positive underprivileged women and children, while spreading public awareness about HIV. The organisation runs a shelter in the outskirts of Pune, providing its residents accommodation, medical support, rich nutrition and access to formal eduction for a future with dignity. Crest is happy to be able to contribute to this effort, by providing much needed resources for Anti-Retroviral (ARV) treatment and recommended high protein diets, essential for every resident.

Plan India: A part of Plan International Federation, Plan India has touched the lives of countless children in need across India. Their initiatives in providing access to basic education, proper healthcare, a healthy environment and livelihood opportunities have made a difference to many a neglected child. Crest was a proud sponsor of WASH, a project that built necessary sanitation facilities in rural schools, the lack of which is one of the main reasons for high dropout rates among adolescent girls.

Tamana: A non-profit voluntary organisation, Tamana was established in 1984 to support mentally challenged, autistic and/or differently-abled individuals. With customised education programmes for each student, Tamana strives to equip them with skills that encourage social and economic independence. Crest has contributed to specific vocational training and skill development programmes.